C172 Checkout

Reliability, stability and comfort have made this aircraft the most popular and most produced in the world. It’s easy to take off and land with this versatile plane. Perfect for aerial tours, this high wing aircraft provides great views of the beautiful bay area.

Key Aspects

  • Engine Management
  • Fuel injected engine operations (for C172R and C172S models)
  • Carbureted engine operations (for C172N model)
  • Safe takeoff and landing attitudes
  • Operations at 160 horsepower (C172N and C172R) and 180 horsepower (C172S)

Checkout Process

  • Get a Pilot Operating Handbook
  • Review ground training
  • Review Preflight
  • Review Four Fundamentals
    • Takeoff
    • Landing
    • Aerial Maneuvers
    • Emergencies


All checkouts are based on pilot competency. It begins with instructor training and continues until pilot reaches safe competency in the aircraft. Checkout times and duration vary from pilot to pilot.