Bay Area Familiarization Training

Never flown in the San Francisco Bay Area or perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve flown through San Francisco? Our Area Familiarization training will help all pilots conquer a new challenge and get introduced or reintroduced to the Bay Area’s sophisticated airspace. Learn local landmarks, airspace boundaries, local customs and procedures, common access routes in and out of San Carlos, and Bay Area air traffic control facilities and procedures, all of which will help provide pilots with a deeper connection to the Bay Area.

Area Familiarization Training Includes:

  • Ground and flight training
  • GPS proficiency for local navigation and airspace incursion avoidance
  • ATC radio communication training
  • Local weather patterns

Area Familiarization is Often Accompanied By:

  • Aircraft checkout
  • New member checkout
  • G1000 avionics checkout


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