April 2012

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April 2012
Welcome Spring!
Sometimes rain, sometimes glorious sunny days. Spring in the Bay Area is a contrast of skies calming down from a winter of discontent, and brilliant green buds turning the hillsides emerald for a few precious weeks.

This year, spring brings rebirth to general aviation at San Carlos with a new home for pilots and passengers to come together in the spirit of fun. San Carlos Flight Center. Now in our second month, it's great to see the energy already flowing in. Pilots picking up airplanes, students working with instructors, new members walking in with questions on how to begin the adventure.

San Carlos Flight Center was created by a group of pilots that wanted a home built around the joy of aviation and the sense of community that is so amazing in aviation. Our cores values, which turn up in nearly everything we do, are Safety, Community, and Adventure. They are our highest ideals. We'll leave revenue and expense reports to our accountants. This newsletter is our way to share our success along the values we care most about.

Welcome to the Community.


Ramp Safety Procedures
This month we focus on Ramp Safety Procedures. You may have felt a little squeezed as you taxied into and out of the parking spaces. Not to worry - there's ample space for your wings - just follow these tips to ensure safety for all people and aircraft:
  • Always taxi slowly
  • Keep the nose wheel on the yellow taxi line to ensure the wingtips clear both the hangar doors and parked aircraft
  • Once you taxi to the end of the hangar you may swing wider so the outside wingtip extends over the low fence
  • When returning to parking, the outside wingtip extends over the low fence until you reach the corner of the hanger, then closely follow the yellow taxi line to ensure wingtip clearance
  • To park the airplane, push it back until you are standing on the numbers
  • If you approach another aircraft while taxiing in the parking area, the pilot who is entering parking must shut down the engine, exit the plane and push it out of the way of the departing plane
And remember that when you contact ground control, you're requesting to taxi from/to "Flight Center."
Shared experiences
Shared experiences create more enjoyment, so we're building a place for pilots to come together in a friendly and inclusive environment. Come to any of our presentations or FlyOutGroup trips. Continue your education with safety seminars, ground school, simulator sessions, or by flying with a CFI. Or just stop by for a cup of coffee - you're always welcome.
April Seminars and Events

The FlyOutGroup
(FOG) is the core of adventure here at San Carlos Flight Center. Now in its fourth year, FOG is a group of Northern California student pilots, private pilots, and flight instructors who participate in "FlyOut" adventures. We come up with a fun reason to fly, pick an airport, and meet up there. Sometimes it's for training, but it's always fun.

Join the Yahoo! Group to receive notification of events and to sign yourself for some adventure with us.

Our first April FOG event was a great success! Eleven planes and 23 people flew to Harris Ranch (3O8) on April 6th for the monthly Full Moon Flyers dinner. The weather was perfect for a safe, fun and beautiful night flight. We were glad to meet some new FOG members.

There are two more opportunities this month to join in some FOG fun. We hope to see you!

  • Sunday, April 15 - Lunch Flight
    Hop in a plane and meet us at the Ding-A-Ling Cafe at Hollister (KCVH) at 12:00 noon for some lunch and camaraderie. Sign up on the FOG web site.
  • Friday, April 27 - Nor-Cal TRACON Tour
    Fly or drive to Mather (KMHR) for a personalized tour of the NorCal Approach facility. Sign up on the FOG web site.
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Announcing this year's big trip!
June 27-July 1 - Colorado Mountain Training Start planning your time off work for this FOG favorite. Four days of mountain flying in the beautiful Rockies. We'll stop in to Durango, Glenwood Springs, and Las Vegas. Check the FOG web site for more info.
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We keep our online calendar updated, so bookmark this page:
http://www.sancarlosflight.com/activities/calendar. Better yet, follow the instructions at the top of the page to add this calendar to your iPhone.