Ronnie R. Gipson Jr., Esq.
Higa & Gipson, PC
Aviation Attorney
55 New Montgomery Street Suite 510
San Francisco, CA 94105
Tel: (415) 692-6523

Ronnie R. Gipson Jr. is an attorney specializing in aviation issues and one of the founders at Higa & Gipson, LLP. He participates regularly in SCFC Safety Seminars and most recently has led discussions with groups of private pilots, commercial pilots and flight instructors on the new Pilot's Bill of Rights and explained how pilots can use them to better protect themselves in the event of an FAA infraction or enforcement proceeding. If you see Ronnie around the Flight Center, feel free to say hi or contact him at his office for assistance with any aviation-related legal matter.


655 Skyway Road, Suite 203
San Carlos, CA 94070
(650) 593-3030

Our neighbors at Zanette Aviation Insurance provide a variety of insurance solutions in a fun, professional, friendly office environment. Zanette acts as insurance broker for the Flight Center's fleet of training and rental aircraft and have often assisted in explaining nuances of the insurance industry with SCFC members. Their offices are next door to San Carlos Flight Center in the Skyway building and we regularly see the Zanette family and staff at SCFC events.


San Carlos Aviation & Supply
620 Airport Dr #9
San Carlos, CA 94070
(650) 592-2322

San Carlos Aviation & Supply has all the pilot supplies you need. Owner and Flight Center Friend Hans Plesman keeps a full stock of FAA navigation charts, flight training books and dvds, headsets, flight bags, iPad accessories, and more. While you’re there, check out the aviation-themed gifts and apparel, and pick up a snack for your flight.


Rabbit Aviation Services
(650) 716-6579

Rabbit Aviation Services is the aviation fuel services provider at San Carlos Airport. Owner Dan DeMeo and his line service and management team are all certificated pilots. Fast, friendly service. Full service fuel (Avgas, Jet A, Prist®) and oil for sale by the quart or case. A unique dedication to our customers with personal service you won't find elsewhere.


Jason Miller is an aviation instructor and humorist known for his "The Finer Points of Flying" podcast, and his recent ebook “Setting the Standard". Jason regularly shares his insights on aviation safety and standard procedures with Flight Center members at our regular Safety Seminar program. His website,, provides users with vast information on flying through many different outlets including podcasts, videos, and now with TFP Office Hours, an online web course hosted twice weekly. SCFC values having a person like Jason operating so close to home, often works in partnership Jason and "The Finer Points" on joint adventure training, and other educational opportunities.