Are you looking for a great place to instruct?


Who You Are

  • A good pilot and instructor with positive energy who wants to be great.
  • A pilot who looks to improve their own skills.
  • Committed to quality, effective instruction.
  • Passionate about flying, safety and risk management.
  • Have good social skills and can work with a variety of students.
  • Very involved in the flying community.
  • Wants to work full-time using a thorough enhanced training syllabus.
  • Wants to commit to at least one year while building hours.


A Few of the Things You'll Do

  • Instruct students instead of searching for them.
  • You'll regularly get public exposure sharing topics of your particular interest with the local pilot group through our Safety Seminar program.
  • You'll help develop our training materials.
  • You'll be involved in our social flying group events, BBQs, student groups, youth groups, etc.

Part 141 Instructors may find that instructing at a Part 61 school is slightly different, but we can help you make the transition smoothly. Expect to get a lot of support from your fellow CFIs as you learn how we operate in the breathtaking Bay Area.


You can move the process forward faster if you email us:

  • A short description of why you fly and your goals for your time here.
  • A list of which aircraft you can fly now, and the ones from our fleet you have interest in getting checked out in.
  • Your pilot resume.
  • Anything else that can give us a sense of who you are and how you see yourself contributing to our team.