YAW Program

The Young Aviators Weekend (YAW) program is a semi-weekly club for high school kids interested in aviation. The program invites any interested kid to meet with others who are also into aviation, and gives them the chance to meet pilots, flight instructors, air traffic controllers, mechanics, and others who work in aviation. YAW is actively managed by SCFC’s Event Coordinator, Bryan Toma with help from SCFC flight instructors. Each session has an icebreaker, some type of educational component about aviation, some fun activity, and often a snack.

YAW Chaperone

YAW Chaperones act as day-of hosts, assisting with the event. Chaperones help run the activities, encourage young people about aviation, aid in supervision of the high school kids and make sure event runs smoothly that day.

What You’ll Do

  • Introduce yourself and make everyone feel welcome
  • Help run icebreaker activities for the beginning of the event
  • On field trips, help manage and chaperone the kids.
  • Share your pilot stories and enthusiasm for flying.

Why This Matters

YAW is a club for high school students who share an interest in aviation. It is important to have a chaperone that is also interested in and has experience in aviation in order to lead the group so each event is successful. A successful event is when each YAW member learns something new about aviation, networks, connects with other avgeeks and has a great time in the experience.

How to Be Amazing

  • Ensure the day’s program goes off without issue.
  • Aide in ensuring all YAW kids feel welcome, connected to the group, and safe.
  • Respond to questions with maturity and optimism.
  • Share your enthusiasm for aviation and commitment to safety.
  • Share your thoughts with Event Coordinator about how to build and extend the YAW program.


  • Every YAW event meets in the SCFC classroom unless otherwise stated. 655 Skyway Road, Suite 215, San Carlos, CA, 94070.
  • Occasional off-site field trips.

Time Commitment Required

Chaperones volunteer to help with a single YAW event (typically every other Sunday, 2:00pm to 5:00pm) Chaperones will be in contact with the Event Coordinator prior to the vent to understand the itinerary and activities for their day. Chaperones should arrive at least one half hour before the event to help with setup. Actual event times vary, especially for special trips such as ATC tours, fleet week, and other large trips.

Are you willing to help young people learn about and enjoy aviation? Email volunteer@sancarlosflight.com.


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