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How cool is video? It’s fun, great for education, and so easy to make using modern cameras and editing tools. Our Stream Team supports the work of the FAA Safety Seminars program. They also help create comprehensive, educational, and entertaining videos that will be used for flight training and other SCFC event purposes. The Stream Team will help in all aspects of the process to create these videos, from writing scripts, to filming, to editing the final cut.

What You’ll Do

  • Help with content and execution of SCFC Video Projects by

    • ​Helping write scripts for video projects
    • Recording video and audio for video projects
    • Assist in editing video projects
    • Help create vivid and enticing SCFC videos
  • Share your thoughts with Video/Marketing Coordinator about how to build and extend the SCFC Video projects, archive, and library.

Why This Matters

SCFC is committed to making our flight training top of the line, while also making sure that students are enjoying the process. Our Stream Team will help create fun and educational videos that will be used in every aspect of flight training, helping produce safe and competent pilots.


  • Typically meeting at SCFC (unless stated otherwise); 655 Skyway Rd Ste. 215 San Carlos, CA 94070. Filming and creative may be off site.

Time Commitment Required

  • Stream Team members volunteer to help with a single part of the video project process (time is TBD) Stream
  • Team members will be in contact with the video coordinator prior to volunteering for their designated role in the process in order to more fully understand what the plan for the day is.

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