Safety Seminar Team

San Carlos Flight Center has an active and robust program of ongoing Safety Seminars, which can include instructional topics, accident analyses, guest speakers, workshops, and a variety of other seminar-type events. Nearly every Wednesday evening and Saturday noon, some type of Safety Seminar is going on. Announcements for upcoming seminars are distributed through the FAA’s Safety program email system, and attendees qualify for WINGS program credit.

Seminar Host

The Seminar Host will act as the host of a specific safety seminar.

What You’ll Do

  • Assist in setup
  • Greet audience members and represent SCFC pilot community
  • Meet the speaker when they arrive and help them prepare for their program
  • Deliver a seminar introduction that includes
    • Welcome the audience
    • List next two weeks of upcoming events
    • Explanations of restrooms, break room
    • Explanation of cameras and microphones
    • Brief introduce the purpose of the seminar
    • Introduce the speaker of the seminar
  • Receive texted questions from webstream viewers during seminar and relay to presenter
  • At close of seminar, ensure that WINGS credit code word has been established and tell audience how to get credit.
  • Remind audience of next two upcoming seminars, and lead round of applause to thank the presenter.

Why This Matters

The Safety Seminar program has always been a strong factor in the community aspect of not only SCFC but to all bay area pilots, student pilots, and aviation enthusiast. The program started 5 years ago and has grown rapidly since. Seminars also give pilots the ability to receive WINGS credit.

How to Be Amazing

  • Be welcoming and enthusiastic
  • Ensure the topic is well introduced and the speaker is ready for the seminar.
  • Speak clearly and project.
  • Answer any questions from the audience.
  • Share your enthusiasm for aviation and commitment to safety.
  • Share your thoughts with Event Coordinator about how to build and extend the Safety Seminar program.


  • Every Safety Seminar is held in the SCFC classroom unless otherwise stated. 655 Skyway Road, Suite 215, San Carlos, CA, 94070.

Time Commitment Required

  • Seminar Hosts volunteer to help with a single Safety Seminar (either Wednesday at 7:00pm or Saturday at 12:00pm)
  • Seminar Hosts will be in contact with the Event Coordinator and speaker prior to the seminar to understand the seminar topic and make sure the speaker is ready.
  • Seminar Hosts should arrive at least one half hour before the event to help with setup.

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