Team BBQ

We love to throw large parties and host big events at the Flight Center. We’ve hosted birthdays, military commissioning ceremonies, wedding receptions, holiday parties, and occasionally awesome New Year’s Eve parties. Our events attract pilots from all around the airport and even from neighboring airports.

Our monthly is a BBQ held on the first Saturday of the month. When the weather permits, it’s an outdoor BBQ with our massive SCFC BBQ grill fired up. In the winter, we move the “BBQ” indoors for chili cookoffs, or make-your-own tacos. Our events typically include some key components: food, music, aircraft on display, photos to celebrate some aspect of our pilot groups, and pedal planes for the kids. We regularly try to co-sponsor BBQs with other business and pilot groups on the field to build bridges and share stories.

BBQ Volunteer

Special Ops personnel can be found in all aspects of the monthly BBQs, from setup to clean up. They help with setting up and running activities, organizing and staffing the grill, greeting and welcoming guests, and getting the music right.

What You’ll Do

  • Assist in setup (tables, chairs, tents, PA system, food, etc.)
  • Greet members, friends, and family and represent SCFC pilot community
  • Help make members/friends/family feel welcome
  • Make sure food is replenished when needed
  • Help facilitate BBQ activities
  • Assist in cleanup

Why This Matters

San Carlos Flight Center BBQs are part of our motto “community”. They are a place where members and their friends/family can come and relax and hear about all of the fun stories surrounding aviation. As a part of “Team BBQ”, you are helping create an energy and environment that encourages the SCFC community to be inspired and safe pilots. One of the ways we judge our success is by measuring how many pilots know other SCFC pilots. Events like the BBQ help pilots connect.

How to Be Amazing

  • Be welcoming and enthusiastic
  • Ensure that everyone has been greeted in a timely manner
  • Proactively start conversations and introduce guests to each other
  • Ensure that everyone who is participating in the activity knows the rules
  • Share your enthusiasm for aviation and commitment to safety.
  • Share your thoughts with Event Coordinator about how to build and extend future SCFC BBQs.


  • When held outdoors, SCFC BBQs are usually held in SCFC “Alpha” parking row with Hangar A-3 open. 655 Skyway Road, San Carlos, CA, 94070.

Time Commitment Required

  • BBQ Volunteers are asked to help with a single BBQ (the first Saturday of every month, SETUP: 10:00am - 12:00pm, BBQ: 12:00 - 2:00pm, CLEANUP: 2:00pm - 3:00pm)
  • Team BBQ will be in contact with the Event Coordinator and prior to the BBQ to understand the BBQ activity and make assist in setup.
  • Team BBQ should arrive at least one half hour after the event to help with cleanup.

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