YAW December 18 (Sun) 2:00pm Pre-Flight Challenge

Event Date: 
Sunday, December 18, 2016 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

YAW is a community outreach program for high school students who share an interest in aviation. YAW meets every other weekend and will take on the format of a student‐run club where members can learn more about aviation related topics.

This Sunday the Young Aviators Weekend is staying local at San Carlos Flight Center with a pre-flight challenge. CFI/I Reid Raisanen will be doing a presentation upstairs in the SCFC classroom about how to do a proper pre-flight. Then out on the ramp we will have a Cessna 172S, ready for YAW members to compete in the pre-flight challenge. This is a fun way for YAW members to begin practicing for flight training and looking for real squawks that might actually happen to them in the future. Lets celebrate the end of a great year for YAW with this exciting event and some hot dogs!

High school students are invited to our next meeting on Sunday, December 18th at our rergular meeting time of 2:00pm. 

To sign up and/or if you have any questions, please contact bryan@sancarlosflight.com 



2:00pm Meet at San Carlos Flight Center

2:05pm Ice Breaker

2:15pm Pre-flight lesson

2:45pm Break

3:00pm Pre-flight challenge

4:00pm Go over and break down pre-flight challenge

4:30pm Flashback of 2016 and sneak peak of what's to come for YAW 2017

5:00pm End of YAW meeting


San Carlos Flight Center

655 Skyway Road Suite 215

San Carlos, CA 94070