September 28 (Sat) 12PM - Disaster Airlift Response Team: Calling All California Pilots

Event Date: 
Saturday, September 28, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Throughout the world, general aviation has helped communities overcome the challenges of being cut off from the outside world by the effects of earthquakes, storms and floods which incapacitate the surface transportation infrastructure.

In response to a cataclysmic event which degrades regional surface transportation, California pilots like you and your aircraft can provide volunteer emergency airlift services to benefit their surrounding communities with assistance from volunteers throughout the California DART Network. 

SCFC has invited Marian Harris to discuss how the Disaster Airlift Response Team’s (DART) network engages pilots like you to support the community in the event of a disaster.  She will describe some of the unique challenges flying in or around a disaster area. Marian will also summarize the qualifications pilots need to meet to participate in DART, schedule of DART exercises, and where pilots can find more information about the California DART Network and the Half Moon Bay/San Mateo DART team.

If you are thinking about joining the Disaster Airlift Response Team or just want to learn about their services, don’t miss this seminar.


Marian Harris is an instrument rated private pilot, flying out of Half Moon Bay where she was the past president and is currently a Board member and the Director of the KHAF/San Mateo County Disaster Airlift Response Team (DART) for the HMB Airport Pilots Association (HMBAPA). After starting a DART chapter in late 2016, she has participated in disaster exercises with the San Mateo County OES and represents the HMBAPA in both the Coastside Emergency Council and the Coastside Emergency Action Program. She is also a Board member of Hiller Aviation museum.


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