September 21 (Wed) 7:00pm Aviation Fuel

Event Date: 
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 7:00pm

Everything You Wanted to Know About Aviation Fuel and San Carlos Airport

Meet Dan DeMeo, Owner of Rabbit Aviation at San Carlos and arguably the most seasoned veteran of the airport to answer any questions you may have about aviation fuel practices as well as the history of San Carlos Airport.  

Dan runs an extremely efficient and customer oriented fuel service and will explain the process of buying, storing, and delivering fuel to your aircraft. He will also discuss not only the current fuel available but the future of fuel with respect to unleaded fuel and other alternatives. He will also review how to order fuel and how to properly call an FBO at an airport.
Dan has also been on the field for over 25 years and has seen all the changes first hand.  He can give you insider information such as where's the best place to tie down your aircraft, why is the fuel island where it is, what it was like before Surf Air, where is Larry Ellison's hanger and what the surrounding neighborhood use to be.
Please join us for an interesting and entertaining talk with Dan!
This event qualifies for FAA Wings credit - click here to register.

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