September 20 (Wed) 7:00pm NTSB Investigations and General Aviation

Event Date: 
Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 7:00pm

Hopefully you will never have and incident or accident during your aviation career.  If you do, it will be sudden and the cavalry may not always arrive.  In fact, you will find out that you may be on more your own and responsible for more than you imagined. Then the FAA and NTSB arrive and maybe not the day of the event.  

This all seems a bit unnerving but with the knowledge of the process , you will be better prepared.  Join Michael Huhn, an Air Safety Investigator for the NTSB, as he will discuss the basics of NTSB Investigations, with a focus on pilot’s/operator’s/owner’s roles and responsibilities when unplanned events (incidents/accidents) occur.  

This will be a great opportunity and privilege to hear this information from the source and a seminar you do not want to miss.

Michael has 23 years experience in aviation safety & accident investigation. He is currently an Air Safety Investigator for the NTSB.  He also has 13 years as Air Safety Investigator for the Air Line Pilots Assoc (ALPA) and a BS in Aeronautical Engineering with 15 years in engineering design, aerodynamics, and flight test positions including

o Douglas Aircraft (commercial airliners)

o Northrop Aircraft (F-18)

o Rockwell International (Space Shuttle)

He is an instrument rated Private Pilot who Own & operates a Cessna 182 and holds a Mechanic certificate with an A&P rating.

This event qualifies for FAA Wings credit.

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