September 12 (Sat) 12:00pm Approach Plate Lunch: IFR to Stockton

Event Date: 
Saturday, September 12, 2015 - 12:00pm

Why would a pilot from the Bay Area make the journey to Stockton during late summer?  Is it for the 90+ degree temperatures?  Is it the availability of fresh produce from the California Central Valley?  No!  It’s because Stockton offers the perfect combination of instrument approaches and ATC coverage for instrument pilots looking for instrument currency, or for student pilots who want to shoot a variety of instrument approaches without a lot of wasted time in between going from airport to airport.

Stockton Airport is the instrument pilot’s secret practice area.  Long runway, friendly controllers, and approach control with time to devote to practice approaches.  Even better, Stockton’s big runway 29R offers four different instrument approaches. GPS, ILS, LOC, and VOR.  Spend an hour at Stockton and shoot 3 or 4 approaches, sometime more with the alternate missed approach instructions from NorCal that feed you back into the system for the next approach.  Stockton is a big part of every Bay Area pilot’s instrument training.

Join SCFC CFI Kevin Hyberger for an analysis of three of the Stockton approaches - KSCK VOR 29R, KSCK ILS 29R, and KSCK LOC 29R.  Although they may seem straightforward at first, some of the fine details of these approaches merit an extra look.  Mr. Hyberger will give us that extra look, and also show you how to properly set up and chair fly an approach before you fly it.

Lunch will be included for this event.

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