October 9 (Wed) 7PM - Operating Safely Together: VFR & IFR Pilots at Untowered Airports

Event Date: 
Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm


Scenario 1:  You are a student pilot on your take-off roll from Runway 20 at Watsonville, on a solo cross-country flight and so far everything has gone great.  Suddenly, you realize that a dot in your windshield is growing fast. It is not a bug splat. Is that an airplane coming right at you on final for the opposite runway?  What do you do?

Scenario 2:  You have just executed a near perfect GPS approach into Byron.  You have “crammed, climbed, cleaned, cooled, and called” and you are on your “course” for the missed approach.  But what is that? A skydiver’s canopy crossing right in your path. What do you do? 

In this seminar, CFII Patti Andrews will help both VFR and IFR pilots better understand, anticipate and avoid such surprises, and be better prepared to respond to them effectively when they do happen.  We will look at concrete steps you can take during your preflight planning and preparation to anticipate this kind of scenario, and communication strategies you can use to resolve conflicts as or before they develop.  We will also look for ways to reduce your startle response time, so you take corrective actions effectively.

Andrews will use real scenarios taken from 15 years of flight instruction experience, along with real and hypothetical examples provided by audience members.  Pilots who choose to attend are invited to read the FAA publication on startle response:  https://www.faa.gov/news/safety_briefing/2017/media/se_topic_17_06.pdf

This will be an interactive seminar with prizes for participation, so if you are used to watching the live stream of our safety seminars, we encourage you to attend in person.  This topic will be particularly relevant to you if you are a pilot who ventures beyond the busy towered airports of the bay area to more remote locations and non towered airports.


Patti Andrews is a CFII with 5,900 hours of instruction given, who hasn't let one of those crazy moments get her down yet. She loves working with students from a wide range of backgrounds and riding along with them on their journeys as they earn their wings


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