October 12 (Wed) 7:00pm Understanding Helicopter Performance Limitation

Event Date: 
Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 7:00pm
Helicopters are some of the most versatile aircraft around, performing all manner of flight missions and commercial applications.  The news is filled with amazing feats performed by helicopter pilots saving lost hikers, lifting construction equipment, and taking spectacular aerial photographs. Helicopters are used in a large variety of unique situations, and it takes a knowledgeable pilot to account for performance in order to complete each operation. 
Have you ever wondered what a helicopter can't do?  In this presentation, the flight instructors of San Carlos Flight Center’s Helicopter Team, Kelton Porter and Merrick Vander Lugt, will discuss the performance limitations of rotorcraft.  How can you determine the aircraft’s performance limitations using the charts and tables in the helicopter POH.  They will dive into power management, aircraft limitations and situation based factors every professional pilot must be aware of.  If you’re a helicopter pilot, this will serve as a valuable refresher and help you respect power and performance limitations more deeply.  If you’re a student helicopter pilot, this will be a valuable introduction to the helicopter performance charts that you’ll be test on, both on the FAA Knowledge Test and the FAA Practical Test.
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