November 19 (Sat) 12:00pm Understanding Drone Hazards and Drone Liability

Event Date: 
Saturday, November 19, 2016 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Let’s face it, drones are odd.  In the best case, the pilot has been removed from the aircraft and sits somewhere far away flying by remote control.  In the worst case, the aircraft has not human involvement or direction of any kind.  From a pilot perspective, that’s just weird.

The pilot-in-command of an aircraft is responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone onboard, everyone on the ground, and every other pilot in the skies in which he or she is flying.  That responsibility for safety is an issue when the pilot-in-command is not onboard the aircraft, as with a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

If you own a drone, or are experimenting with drone flying, it’s important for you to know the risk of damage to property and equipment, and/or injury to people.  As interest in drones is growing ever greater, so is the need for drone owners to manage their professional exposure to risk as well as protect their business interests.

San Carlos Flight Center has invited Christina Steach from Zanette Aviation Insurance Service Inc. to discuss the new area of drone insurance.  What coverage is available?  What training and certification requirement is required by insurance companies?  Together, we’ll discuss ways to keep your drone flying conforming to industry standards, insurance guidelines, and Federal Aviation Regulations.

This free seminar will be held Saturday, November 19th at noon at San Carlos Flight Center, in coordination with SCFC’s all-day Drone Workshop.  The paid workshop covers the new regulations for drone operation, airspace classification, weather and aviation wx sources, operational factors, FAA knowledge test procedures, and a review of the FAA Airmen Certification Standards.  The paid workshop is intended for serious drone operators, but all pilots are invited to the free seminar Understanding Drone Hazards and Drone Liability.

Zanette Aviation Insurance works with the top aviation insurance companies, offering affordable rates and quotes on all types of drone (UAS/UAV) insurance, as well as all manner of manned aircraft from private jets to commercial helicopters.


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** Note: This is not the Drone Workshop (click here to see more)