November 17 (Sat) 12pm- Astronaut Cognition

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Saturday, November 17, 2018 - 12:00pm


Mission success and safety relies upon crewmember functional state. Since stressors affect cognitive processing, NASA requires that the cognitive state of all crewmembers remain within clinically accepted values (NASA STD 3001). NASA is in the process of developing a test battery for the assessment of crewmember cognitive performance before, during and after spaceflight. This battery is referred to as the Cognition Test Battery, or CTB. One purpose of this project is to determine normative scores in high-functioning individuals. Since half of the U.S. astronaut population (and all of the European astronauts) pilot either aircraft or rotorcraft data are being collected in certified pilots. These baseline, or normative, data will inform as to when an individual’s performance is degraded. In this talk, what these tests can tell us about astronaut cognition and what we currently know about changes in astronaut cognition will be discussed.



Bettina L. Beard (“Tina”)received a Ph.D. in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology in 1988. Her career started in academia where she taught 23 undergraduate and graduate level courses in psychology, statistics and physiological behavior. After working in industry, she joined NASA in 1999, where she led an effort to define human-automation function allocation strategies for the U.S. Next Generation Air Transportation System. In 2012, she worked with major airlines in the development of ramp controller training. Dr. Beard has led Federal Aviation Administration sponsored efforts including the design of integrated workstations for air traffic controllers and the development of a methodology for aircraft inspector vision standards. Since 2014, she has been involved in human spaceflight-related activities including the collection of normative data on a cognition test battery for spaceflight. She is the author of numerous scientific conference proceedings, chapters and peer-reviewed articles.


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