November 10 (Tuesday) 7:00pm Formula One Air Racing and the Build of Race 79

Event Date: 
Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Ever wanted to build your own plane? And then race it at Reno? Formula 1 Air Racing is a dream few pilots have the chance to achieve. Pilots often have many questions regarding aerial racing: what specialized training and equipment is required? What is the Formula 1 class? What is needed to become a race pilot?

San Carlos Flight Center and The Hiller Aviation Museum team up to host a definitive presentation on Formula 1 Air Racing, by Justin Phillipson, CFI, helicopter and fixed wing pilot and air race pilot. Join Justin as he discusses the risks, challenges, and rewards of Air Racing. Justin will review the history of Formula One Air Racing, his experiences competing, and the state of the sport today. Justin will review past races he has competed in, including the Air Race 1 World Cup in Tunisia, and will use a variety of methods, including videos and a short Q&A session, to help provide an overview of modern Air Racing. Be sure to stop by for a look at Justin’s Formula One Racer “No Strings Attached”, which will be on static display.

Justin Phillipson has been infatuated with flying since he was a young child, and has taken his obsession and made it into a full time career. If he’s not speaking at one of SCFC’s safety seminars, you may find Justin in a Reno air race or flying aerobatics. He is commercially rated in fixed wing single- and multi-engine land and sea, glider, and helicopter, and has owned a variety of aircraft. Justin is a tailwheel enthusiast and one of the aerobatics instructors at San Carlos Flight Center.

Please Note: This event is at The Hilller Avaiation Museum 

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