May 23 (Wed) 12:00pm CFI Round Table: Understanding Engines so I Can Be A Better CFI

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Many things in aviation are taught with precision, with facts and diagrams and certainty.  Some topics are taught by stories passed down from generation of instructor to instructor.  Engine management topics often fall into the latter category, with pilot urban legend and confusion occasionally sneaking into the mix.  Most flight instructors are not mechanics and may draw too heavily from stories told by their instructors, or by anecdotal evidence overhear around the hangar.
We need to do better than this.  As instructors, we should come together to get to the truth, so that we can build safer, more informed pilots, and be better equipped to handle engine malfunctions and emergencies.
At this CFI Round Table discussion, SCFC Chief Pilot will share information coming directly from the engine manufacturer Lycoming, a common power plant found in general aviation aircraft.  We will discuss engine oil fill levels, and other aspects of engine management including leaning, mag drops, and temperature management.  It’s engine operation myths vs facts, stuff every CFI should know.

San Carlos Flight Center is passionate about safety, community, and adventure, and regularly opens our doors to educate local pilots.  SCFC’s CFI Round Table series is devoted to bringing current topics of flight training excellence to flight instructors in the local community.  SCFC staff CFIs meet every two weeks to discuss safety topics, training methods, and regulatory changes.  Once a month SCFC welcomes in outside flight instructors to join in these meetings to hear important topics.

Dan Dyer is a CFII, AGI, and is Chief Pilot for San Carlos Flight Center.  His efforts to improve the quality and effectiveness of flight instruction are one of the reasons he found the club.  Dan is one of the featured speakers at BAY FLIGHT 2018, a local aviation conference held this year on October 27th at the Seaport Conference Center.
This event qualifies for FAA Wings credit.