May 1 (Wed) 7pm - The Benefits of ADS-B In

Event Date: 
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 - 7:00pm



As 2020 looms, and aircraft will either make the leap to conforming to the ADS-B Out requirement or be grounded, we often overlook the value to pilots of ADS-B In.  Pilots flying aircraft that don’t have onboard traffic or weather displays may now be able to access those features through ADS-B In.  This is a benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked.  This seminar will shed light on these capabilities.

We have invited two SCFC members to review the capabilities of ADS-B In, including weather and traffic information.  They will help set our expectations about the breadth and depth of available weather information and the limitations of traffic displays.  There are many different solutions in the marketplace, so they won’t be able to explain every feature of every system, but expect to hear valuable information about the types of data available and how to use it.



Stoo Davies is a computer programmer, longtime member of SCFC, and an instrument rated private pilot with a high performance endorsement.  He is on the forefront of technology and especially well versed in the electric car industry as well as formula one racing.   He enjoys maximizing the use of electronic flight bags, different aviation apps, and is especially knowledgeable in ForeFlight.

Matt Debski, an M.I.T graduate and software engineer at Google, has a Cessna 182 online with the San Carlos Flight Center.  He had an ADS-B Out transponder installed in this plane in 2016 and has presented several seminars on ADS-B.



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