March 9 (Sat) 12pm - Hayward Tower ATC

Event Date: 
Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 12:00pm

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in an Air Traffic Control tower at a Bay Area airport?  

Ever wonder about things ATC makes you do that aren't in the FAR/AIM?  Think you know the rules about entering class C airspace? Wonder why it's so tough to get an IFR or SVFR clearance out of some small airports, even when the weather's mostly VFR?  How come you don't get "line up and wait" as often as you'd like? Anything else you've always wanted to know about #towerlyfe?

Join Michael Osburn as he answers these questions from ATC’s perspective. He deals with these questions and more all the time at HWD.  You'd think life at a class D airport not adjacent to SFO would be quiet, but you'd be wrong.


Michael Osburn works in the control tower at the Hayward Executive Airport.  He also has experience working Point Mugu and Whidbey Island TRACONs, and has provided ATC services overseas for the US Military.

Murray Kucherawy is an SCFC member who learned to fly at SQL in 2002. He hasn't stopped since, now having passed six checkrides and starting on his quest to become a CFI.  Michael can't wait to give his future students a hard time.


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