March 25 (Sat) 12:00pm Increasing Flight Safety by Becoming a Flight Instructor

Event Date: 
Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Increasing Flight Safety by Becoming a Flight Instructor - What it takes to become one and How you impact everything!

If you were wondering what training, time commitment and financial commitment you need to make to become a flight instructor then join Mike Shiflett from CFI Bootcamp on the 25th of March for an hour long presentation on becoming a CFI.  Gaining your flight instructor certificate (CFI) Is an opportunity to become part of a group of aviation leaders that are responsible for ensuring flight safety in everything we do.  Instructors solo student pilots, recommend pilots for practical tests, provide training and endorsements to fly ratings, high performance, complex, tailwheel airplanes snd much more.  Becoming a flight instructor is seen by many as the ultimate achievement in aviation knowledge.  You learn the material so well because you have to teach it.  This improves your own knowledge and of course safety.

Mike will explain what it takes to become a flight instructor by covering:

1.  Minimum certificates and ratings you need

2.  How you may be able to combine your Commercial Pilot training with your CFI training and get them both almost together

3.  What the academic requirements are - how much aeronautical knowledge do you need anyway?

4.  How much flight training is involved and how the right seat is so different in the beginning

5.  How online training can speed your path to learning the material

6.  What training is offered to help you get from where you are to flight instructor

7.  Job opportunities and also how you can build time quickly

8.  How instructors are the key to promoting flight safety.

After this one hour presentation you will know exactly what you need to become a flight instructor, what jobs are available, how you will be instrumental in promoting safety of flight and what the next steps are to become one.

Mike Shiflett CFI/MEI ATP is a former FAA and CAA pilot examiner. He has 15,000 hours of flying which has been mostly GA. He is the “Go to Guy” when it comes to flying. He teaches the academic content of the course at CFI Bootcamp Instructor Training  

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