June 20 (Wed) 12:00pm CFI Round Table: Teaching Commercial

Event Date: 
Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

San Carlos Flight Center CFIs meet regularly to share teaching tips, track changes in the industry, and ensure effective instruction delivery for SCFC students. The CFI meetings, held Wednesdays at noon, are closed-door professional discussions for CFIs only, with an occasional CFI candidate. This is one way the SCFC instructor core maintains our quality.

On a few dates this summer, the SCFC CFI team is welcoming in outside CFIs, from schools and flying clubs all around the SF Bay Area. These CFI Round Tables will allow us to share some of our most important topics with other local instructors, and hear their perspective on Bay Area flight training. The most recent CFI Round Table covered myths in teaching engine management, including oil, engine temperature management, and leaning.  The next CFI Round Table is on Wednesday, June 20th at noon and will cover Tips for Teaching Commercial Pilots. Recent regulatory changes mean that commercial pilot candidates can now take their checkrides in non-complex aircraft. Even experienced instructors will need new tips, procedures, and standard power settings for the new aircraft.

Brian Eliot will be guiding the discussion for the next CFI Round Table. Lunch is provided. We hope you will join us.