June 19 (Wed) 7pm: Gears Up, Flaps Up, Shut Up - Accidents that Changed FAA Regulations and GA Procedures

Event Date: 
Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - 7:00pm


After an aircraft accident, government regulators and industry come together with a common purpose - to identify the factors that allowed the accident to happen, and change things so that they cannot happen again.  Our willingness to change aviation regulations and operating procedures is one reason why aviation is so much safer today than it was 60 years ago.  We are always learning and always trying to identify and eliminate risks.  Pilots sometimes refer to FARs with reverence as having been written in blood, meaning that tragedies of the past and the lives of past airmen and memorialized forever in policy changes that protect future pilots.
In this seminar, Ben Taber brings to San Carlos Flight Center a discussion of some memorable accidents in the past, and shows how much the aviation community changed as a result of those accidents.  He’ll review how major aviation accidents and near misses result in regulatory changes, and/or changes to standard procedures used by air carriers.  Pilots will come away from this presentation with a healthier respect for aviation best practices, standard procedures and checklists, federal regulations, and POH limitations.


Capt. Bennett Taber is a check airman and training captain with over 20 years and 16,000 hours of air charter experience throughout the western United States. His first 500 hours of flying were conducted in Alaska. Captain Taber manages flight operations and charter sales for Dreamline Aviation in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a Dreamline Training Captain in Beech King Air aircraft.


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