June 17 (Sat) 12:00pm Stalls and Spins

Event Date: 
Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 12:00pm

Most every pilot can tell you when a spin happens. Most can tell you how to recover from a spin or what they look like. Very few can really tell you why an airplane spins. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a rote-level answer about one wing being more stalled than the other. Yeah, but why? The answer is not so complicated. Take a cup of private pilot aerodynamics, a pinch of high school math, and stir vigorously.

Join us for a deeper dive into the aerodynamics of airplane spins. You’ll leave really understanding the physics of what it means for an aircraft to be in a spin.

Geoff Rapoport is a CFII teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area, editor of a weekly curated email of aviation news, The Finer Points Dispatch, and writer for AVweb.com. Geoff is a recovering lawyer and, prior to attending law school, Geoff worked as a manufacturing engineer in the chemical analysis division of a large scientific instruments company. Geoff's experience as an engineer and lawyer are critical to his approach to flight instruction, where he shares his love of physics and the FARs with unsuspecting students. Geoff teaches in the Cessna, Cirrus, Diamond, and ACA airplanes.

This event qualifies for FAA Wings credit.

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