July 26 (Wed) 7:00pm Flying to Catalina Is. and the LA Class Bravo

Event Date: 
Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 7:00pm

The Fly Out Group (FOG) will  be flying to beautiful Catalina Island for a relaxing summer weekend. It’s hard to believe this warm and sunny retreat really isn’t that far from home. For the active and adventurous people, there’s swimming, scuba diving, miles of hiking trails, bicycle rentals, parasailing, and zip lining. If you’re looking for a more subdued experience, there are spas, shopping, and submarine and glass-bottom boat tours.

For many,  this may be your first time flying in the LA area and the thought may be a bit intimidating.  But keep in mind, if you fly in the bay area, you can easily fly in LA.  You just need to do your homework and prepare. Join Dave Kramer as he will review route selection to Catalina Island from the SF Bay Area and the LA Basin especially the LA Bravo airspace and the ways to to navigate the Los Angeles airspace .

Then after you’ve traversed the Bravo, landing at Catalina Airport, the Airport in the Sky at Avalon (KAVX), is a dramatic and beautiful experience. The runway is perched on the flat top of a mountain 1,600' high, bookended by 2000'+ drops to the ocean on either side.  Dave has landed here as well and will discuss how to do this safely including safe ways to approach this airport, and the unique conditions such as strong downdrafts on short final, a runway that is bowed up in the middle, and a lack of visual cues for altitude reference.

Dave Kramer MD is an instrument rated, tailwheel endorsed private pilot as well as a basic and instrument ground instructor with an interest in weather. He has been flying since 2012, has over 800 hours of which 300 have been in the IFR system.  He also enjoys flying at night as well as flying in the LA area.

This event qualifies for FAA Wings credit.

Any questions, contact us at (650) 946-1700 or info@sancarlosflight.com. To register for this event, click here.

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