July 20 (Wed) 7:00pm Candid Radio: Southern California

Event Date: 
Wednesday, July 20, 2016 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Time for everybody's favorite radio game show: Candid Radio. For this event, we will eavesdrop on the radio communications from several Southern California airports. Have you always wanted to fly to Southern California but were apprehensive about what the controllers may tell you? In this seminar we will review the good, bad and ugly from communication between controllers and pilots. Listen to the radio calls transitioning LAX Bravo airspace as well as tower communications at local airports.

Our ongoing goal is to improve pilot radio communications to increase safety and better share the limited radio frequency resource. For our Candid Radio sessions, we select and identify the best and the worst radio calls heard at the airport, and with approach control, and talk as a group about how the pilot or controller could have done it differently. Confusing or missing readbacks? Missed radio calls? Unfamiliar with the airspace? All this and more make up the fun and educational group debriefing that is Candid Radio.

Let's face it, radio communication is often absorbed and not really taught. Too often pilots say things they heard others say, regardless of whether it is standard, informative, or even safe. FAA pilot training handbooks are thin on radio specifics and guidelines and changes to what makes up standard procedures occur constantly. What's a pilot to do? How can you tighten up and improve your radio calls? Would you rather bring the safety, professionalism, and elegance of an Air Force One pilot, or the hick goofball chatter of a regional jet jockey?

Join us and we'll give you plenty of examples to help you improve your radio calls and also some familiarity to the Southern California radio lingo.

This event qualifies for FAA Wings credit, click here to register.

Herb Patten is an FAA certificated advanced and instrument ground instructor who teaches private pilot ground school at San Carlos Flight Center. He is recognized by the National Association of Flight Instructors, NAFI, as a Master Ground Instructor. He holds a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating. He is co-founder of the Bay Area Student and New Pilot Support Group, and a board member of the Upwind Foundation, famous for its Upwind Summer Scholarship Program.