July 15 (Sat) 12:00pm NOTAMS and the Bay Area

Event Date: 
Saturday, July 15, 2017 - 12:00pm

Basic airspace is complicated enough, and that’s even with the chart open and in front of you.  Beware of airspace changes that pop up and that don’t appear on a VFR chart.  We’re talking about Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) and Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs).

NOTAMs carry information of a timely or transitory nature that may not yet have made it into the Chart Supplement or onto a VFR chart.  This means airspace and the regulations controlling it has changed, and you are now bound to comply with the new rules, without any textual or graphical description yet appearing in a printed chart or other document.  It’s critical that pilots know how to access this time-sensitive information and check it before every flight.

In this presentation, SCFC Instructor Herb Patten will overview the NOTAM system and discuss the various official sources for pilots to find current regulatory and advisory changes to the airspace system and the navigational aids available to pilots.  He will discuss the most common types of NOTAMs, the TFRs most common to the San Francisco Bay Area, and the reasons the TFRs are put in place.

It’s important for all pilots to understand - failure to know about a NOTAM or TFR does not mean that you can’t have your certificate revoked for busting one.  Ignorance is no protection.  All pilots should attend this very special discussion.

Herb Patten is an FAA certificated advanced and instrument ground instructor who teaches private pilot ground school at San Carlos Flight Center. He holds a private pilot certificate with an instrument rating, has over 800 hours and flown into 111 different California airports. He is co-founder of the Bay Area Student and New Pilot Support Group, and a board member of the Upwind Foundation, famous for its Upwind Summer Scholarship Program. In 2015, Herb was named a Master Instructor by the National Association of Flight Instructors.

This event qualifies for FAA Wings credit.

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