February 9 (Sat) 12pm- Non-Towered Airport Communications

Event Date: 
Saturday, February 9, 2019 - 12:00pm

Flying in and out of the many airports in California requires a high degree of situational awareness and sophisticated radio skills. And yet, radio communication is rarely taught as a specific subject during private pilot training. Usually, new pilots just absorb what they hear on the frequency around them, both good and bad. Although some radio techniques are covered in ground school, rarely do student pilots get the time devoted to demystifying this often-confusing subject.

This seminar is the third in a series of SCFC’s Radio Communication Safety Seminars and focuses on non-towered radio communications. Although Federal Aviation Regulations don’t require pilots to make radio calls at non-towered airports, it is strongly advised for safety. This seminar will help newer pilots understand the structure of radio calls for non-towered airports and how to improve their own radio skills. Herb Patten, Assistant Chief Pilot, AGI and CFI and Dan Dyer, Chief Pilot and CFI will walk participants through a foundation of non-towered radio communication phraseology and use, from the basics through advanced. Learn how to make radio communication easier and safer for all pilots.


Herb Patten is the Assistant Chief Pilot of San Carlos Flight Center, a CFI and an FAA certificated advanced and instrument ground instructor who teaches private pilot ground school at San Carlos Flight Center. He is a commercial pilot with an instrument rating, has over 1,500 hours and flown into at least 120 different California airports. He is co-founder of the Bay Area Student and New Pilot Support Group, and a board member of the Upwind Foundation, famous for its Upwind Summer Scholarship Program.

Dan Dyer is a flight instructor and Chief Pilot of San Carlos Flight Center.  He has been instructing for 14 years, has over 4,000 flight hours and is the Bay Area's local expert in crosswind landing instruction. He is known for finding simple and innovative ways to explain complex topics and regularly speaks on advanced ground school topics.  Find out more about Dan at www.sancarlosflight.com or contact him at dan@sancarlosflight.com


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SCFC is committed to promoting safety in general aviation through our regular safety seminar and guest speaker programs.  Space is often limited so it is important to sign up early.  SCFC members may choose to watch the seminar live over the web at home, or recorded at a later date.  Contact a SCFC member service rep at (650) 946-1700 for more information about online access.