February 8 (Wed) 7:00pm A Birds Eye View by Captain William Dunkle

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

“This story begins in Alaska and ends in the Board Room of United Airlines.  It is a story of flying and - more than that - a story of the transformation of air travel, nursed from a doubtful start by a few of the faithful to the phenomenon of today’s mass air transportation system” - Capt. W. E. Dunkle

Captain Dunkle’s father, Wesley Earl Dunkle, was an Alaskan miner and principal shareholder of the Star Air Service, forerunner of today’s Alaska Airlines. He arranged flying lessons for his son with Harry Sham. As a teen, Capt Dunkle attended school in Palo Alto and on weekends,  Harry Sham would fly him from the Palo Alto airport to Harry’s school, the Oakland Flying Service, where he learned to fly.  

Capt. Bill Dunkle began his aviation career as an Alaskan bush pilot in 1938.  Shortly thereafter he was employed as a first officer with United Airlines and was promoted to captain in 1942. He started flying DC-3’s and witnessed the dawn of the jet age and flew DC-8’s.  

Besides his activities as a pilot, Capt. Dunkle served numerous capacities with the Air Line Pilots Association, Air Transport Association, International Air Transport Association  and other aviation organizations. He holds numerous awards and honors including recognition from NASA and a tribute from the U.S. Congress. In 1976, the FAA awarded him its’ Distinguished Service Medal.

He retired from United Airlines after serving as Sr V.P. of Flight Operations and as a member of United’s Board of Directors

Guest Speaker - Bill Dunkle Jr is a Business Development Manager who lives in Los Altos.  He has a passion for history/biography....specifically the Civil War, 19th and 20th century American history and aviation in general.  

He is currently organizing a trip with his family to the Kennecott Mines National Historic landmark In Wrangell Alaska.  This is where his grandfather was employed as Head Engineer by the Guggenheims and his father learned to fly.  

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