December 9 (Wed) 7:00pm Long Cross-Country to Austin

Event Date: 
Wednesday, December 9, 2015 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

In October of this year, Stuart “Stoo” Davies did what many pilots long to do.  Fly himself to a distant destination, instead of going by commercial airline.  The destination was Austin, Texas, farther than he’d ever gone before.  Undaunted, Stoo carefully planned for the trip weeks in advance, and embarked on a journey of discovery and adventure.  San Carlos Flight Center invites Stoo Davies to share his experience and lessons from with the rest of the San Carlos pilot community.

Have you ever wanted to fly to the Lone Star State?  What weather considerations should you make?  Are even the C152’s bigger in Texas?  Are there special airspace restrictions?  Unlock a great new destination for you and your friends by joining us for this fun and informative presentation.

Stuart Davies will review pre-flight considerations for long trips: choosing VFR or IFR, route and altitude selections, briefings, monitoring and avoiding weather over large geographic areas, avoiding special use airspace, and entering and transitioning unfamiliar and busy airspace.  He will also share with us the things that did not quite go as he expected, and what he could do differently the next time.

Stuart Davies is a life-long Formula 1 fan and an instrument rated private pilot, who has been flying for 4 years. He has about 450 hours total flight time, and recently took the longest flight of his flying career to Austin, TX for the US grand prix race.

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