December 19 (Sat) 12:00pm G1000: Introduction to Synthetic Vision

Event Date: 
Saturday, December 19, 2015 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

For years, the Garmin G1000 cockpit display panel system has set the standard for glass cockpit aircraft.  While basic G1000 functionality has remained unchanged, one upgrade to some aircraft G1000 PFDs is synthetic vision - an attempt to portray the terrain in front of the aircraft in faux 3D.  Have you seen a synthetic vision display?  Do you find it useful?

Learning the G1000 includes a mastery of the Primary Flight Display flight instruments, and also developing a working understanding of all the functionality buried in the Mutli-Function Display (MFD).  The best way to learn G1000 is to spend quality time ON THE GROUND learning about the features available, so that you can spend your time in the air looking outside.

In this seminar, we have invited CFI Reid Raisanen to help us explore the possibilities and challenges that synthetic vision presents.  Reid will discuss how synthetic vision is accessed on the primary flight display (PFD), and how it fits on the screen with the primary flight instruments, soft keys, and crew alerting system.  He will cover the ways that synthetic vision shows terrain, traffic, headings, airports, and runways, and the highways in the sky 3D view.  It’s a fascinating look at the future of display.

San Carlos Flight Center’s G1000 seminar series examines various parts of the G1000 system and shows pilots how to better benefit from the wealth of available information.

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