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May 23 (Wed) 12:00pm CFI Round Table: Understanding Engines so I Can Be A Better CFI

At this CFI Round Table discussion, SCFC Chief Pilot will share information coming directly from the engine manufacturer Lycoming, a common power plant found in general aviation aircraft.

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May 23 (Wed) 7:00pm Aviation and Aerospace * Cancelled*

**Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances** Sam Hirschmann, CFII and aerospace engineer, speaks about opportunities in Aviation other than being a pilot. 

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May 30 (Wed) 7:00pm DME Arc Approach Plate Seminar

Do not fear the arc. In this seminar, Brian Eliot will cover some DME arc approaches and show how they can be fun, rewarding, and useful to keep you proficient with the instruments. 

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June 2 (Sat) 12:00pm Tie Down Options for your Airplane

Have you ever questioned yourself if you've secured your airplane properly or not? Join CFI Stephen Heesacker as he goes over all the different scenarios you may have yet to encounter, where a few tips never hurt! 

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June 6 (Wed) 7:00pm NASA ASRS- Airspace Violation Related Incidents

Aviation Safety Reporting System- Join CFI Dennis Doyle as he tells us more about how the program helps keep safer skies and also shares several Class B incursions by GA aircraft. 

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June 9 (Sat) 12:00pm Oakland Center ARTCC

A real treat! Join ATC Todd Cormier as his discusses the role of an Air Route Traffic Control Cetner specifically as it relates to Oakland Center and the inner workings of the center itself.

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June 13 (Wed) 7:00pm Transition to Tailwheel

If you want to improve your flying skills, there's no better way than learning to fly tailwheel! CFII Thomas Daniel discuesses why tailwheel aircraft forces pilots to be better at rudder control and other ways to improve your flying. 

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Jun 14 (Thur) 7:00pm Special Ops Meeting

Here at San Carlos Flight Center we believe our community helps us stand out as such an amazing and successful flight center, and we couldn't be happier! Our motto is safetycommunity, and adventure; our building blocks that we grow with constantly. 

Join us @ 7:00pm for this months Special Ops Meeting!


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Oct 27 (Sat) 8:00am Bay Flight 2018

Join SF Bay Area pilots on Saturday, October 27, 2018 for BAY FLIGHT 2018! This one day event is perfect for those interested in staying current about the latest topics in aviation, learning new skills and techniques, and hearing from leaders in the field. 

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