December 12 (Mon) 7:00pm The Collective - Separating Helicopter Hype from Reality

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Monday, December 12, 2016 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Helicopters have been around for eight decades, but many people still have radical misunderstandings of their performance capabilities. If you're a helicopter pilot, you've had to correct the impressions of your family and friends about what these most versatile aircraft can do.
Join us on Monday, December 12, at 7:00pm for another session of The Collective, SCFC's helicopter pilot group. A group of helicopter pilots and instructors that come together periodically to talk about helicopter lessons, helicopter flying, and helicopter adventures. We know that we are a special breed, somewhat apart from the world of fixed-wing aviation, and a special breed sometimes needs a special meeting place. That's us, The Collective, rising together into the world of helicopter flight.
  • Understanding Manifold Pressure Limits by Kelton Porter
  • Robinson Safety Course by Merrick Vander Lugt
  • Separating Helicopter Hype from Reality by Ryan Williams

You've probably seen some pretty bad portrayals of helicopter flight in television and film. You've also seen YouTube videos showing naive helicopter pilots attempting obviously dangerous or impossible tasks, with sometimes comic but often tragic results. Helicopters are amazing but pilots should learn to challenge the popular assumptions of helicopter forces and aerodynamics or risk serious disaster. With the proper training and preparation, helicopters have been a safe form of flying since the 1940’s. They are perfectly suited to some specific flight missions. But they can be unforgiving to pilots who don’t take precautions to treat the aircraft with respect. Don’t try towing a boat or carrying heavy loads with a rope tied to your helicopter. Sling load operations are extremely dangerous and take specific training to be done safely.

The Collective is a group of helicopter pilots, for helicopter pilots, by helicopter pilots. Occasionally, we let a helicopter enthusiast in that is not yet a pilot, but mostly we keep to ourselves. Finally, we have a place to come together, learn about cool topics in more detail, listen to exciting guest speakers, analyze specific accidents or events in the industry, and have engaging conversations about everybody's aviation story.

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