August 27 (Sat) 10:00am Ground School Workshop: Weather Services

Event Date: 
Saturday, August 27, 2016 - 10:00am

San Carlos Flight Center’s private pilot ground school is an acclaimed twelve-week program open to all student pilots.  However, the ability to understand weather charts and forecasts and make informed weather decisions takes time and practice.

To supplement the ground school (paid) classes that cover weather, SCFC instructor Herb Patten has created a bonus workshop class in which students are invited to dive deeper into weather decision making using a real-life flight scenario.  We’ll select the best route of flight based on weather, evaluate weather reports and forecasts to predict in flight conditions, and understand how important it is to make weather Go/No-Go decisions along the way.  Workshop participation is free to SCFC Ground School students, and SCFC members.

To sign up contact us at either (650) 946-1700 or