April 8 (Sat) 12:00pm Sustainable Aviation and the Pipistrel Alpha Electro Trainers

Event Date: 
Saturday, April 8, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Joseph Oldham will present the Sustainable Aviation Project; the first deployment of production electric aircraft in commercial flight training service in the United States.  A joint effort between the City of Reedley, City of Mendota, Reedley College, Mazzei Flying Service, the Fresno Business Council, and the CALSTART San Joaquin Valley Clean Transportation Center, the project is using $1,071,348 in funding from the Fresno Council of Governments New Technology Reserve Fund Grant program for equipment, electric aircraft charger installation, technical assistance, and low-income student assistance costs.  Mr. Oldham will discuss the origin, development, and stakeholder engagement process for the project and provide updates on the current status of deployment of the aircraft and network of chargers to support their operation at four (4) airports in Fresno County.  The project benefits include:

  • Zero emission operations.

  • 90% reduction in noise levels

  • Increased safety due to no flammable fuel on board for both pilots and ground personnel

  • Improved access to aviation careers through lower cost for flight training

  • Increased utilization and revitalization of rural airports

The Sustainable Aviation Project is designed to provide an essential first step for gaining public acceptance of the advanced electric aircraft technology being developed by entrepreneurs around the world.

Joseph Oldham, Director of the San Joaquin Valley Clean Transportation Center.

A native of the San Joaquin Valley and a private pilot since 1974, Mr. Oldham has had a passion for aviation since early childhood.  A graduate of California State University, Fresno, Mr. Oldham has spent most of his professional life working to improve air quality in the region through deployment of clean energy and clean vehicle technology.  

When the opportunity to develop a plan to deploy production electric aircraft for the first time in the United States in a practical way to support lower cost flight training operations, Mr. Oldham seized the chance, developed the plan, and helped organize an amazing team of people from local government, business, and education to make the plan a reality, and wrote the successful grant proposal that secured the funding for the project.

The Sustainable Aviation Project is not just the vision of one person; it is a vision of a region designed to change the way outsiders view the San Joaquin Valley and open doors for veterans and youth from the area to enter into an aviation career.   The project also will begin the process of getting the public familiar and comfortable with electric propulsion in aircraft as a step toward the advanced electric powered aerial sky taxi vehicles of the future and larger commercial electrically powered aircraft.

Mr. Oldham lives in Fresno, CA, with his wife Donna and two adult children.  He is co-owner of a 2007 Aeroprakt A-22 light sport aircraft and is working on getting his Sport Pilot CFI rating to be able to assist with flight training in the Pipistrel Alpha Electro aircraft when they are operational sometime in late 2017.

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