April 25 (Wed) 7:00pm Flight Simulators

Event Date: 
Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 7:00pm

Flying an approach efficiently boils down to practice practice practice and muscle memory.  










Knowing what to expect and when to expect it facilitates flying it tremendously. You can practice it in the air at $200-300 per hour or you can do it at home in the comfort of your study for pennies without the extra effort of launching and without the worry of making a mistake.  You may even be doing a cross country to an airport which you never had the opportunity to practice an approach there or you just want to become familiar with all the available possibilities.

Flying a new plane?  Need to develop procedural habits or get an idea of its flight characteristics?  You’ll be ahead of the game and utilize your actual flight time more efficiently if you practice on the simulator first.  Again for pennies.

Lastly, just the habit of flying by instruments can be established on the simulator so well that when you actually enter IMC, you’ll feel right at home.


Jeff Reeder is a CFI and has been using simulators for over 20 years from instrument flying to acrobatics. He can tell you the ins and outs of the benefits, best methods and ways to use them.  Join Jeff and you will become an more confident, efficient and savvy pilot.

Jeff Reeder is a CFI, Commercial SEL, MEL, and Instrument with over 2000 hours total and 1000+ hours of instruction. He has been flying since 1998 and instructing since 2007. In 2015, Jeff joined San Carlos Flight Center and does primary, commercial, night flying, aerobatic and tailwheel training.


This event qualifies for FAA Wings credit.

Any questions, contact us at (650) 946-1700 or info@sancarlosflight.com.

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