April 20 (Sat) 12pm - Challenge Yourself: Mastering Powerplant Operations

Event Date: 
Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 12:00pm


Are you the master of the skies?  Or have you just met the minimum capability to be a Private Pilot.  Challenge yourself! The Private Pilot certificate is a license to learn.  Start on the path to add enough knowledge and skill to truly master the sky!

Last year, San Carlos Flight Center launched a Mastery Badge program for pilots who want to be the best pilot they can be.  Although the FAA defines only the minimum standards for airman certification, and 70% is considered a passing grade on the Knowledge Test, SCFC thinks we should all aim a little higher.  The Mastery Badge program defines the knowledge, risk awareness, and skills required to demonstrate that a pilot has reached the top of each of twelve mastery areas.

In this seminar, CFI Dan Dyer will introduce the standards that SCFC has set for Mastery of Powerplant operations.  Pilots training for this Mastery Badge will develop high proficiency in:

  • Basic engine operation

  • Function of component subsystems

  • Various engine start scenarios and when to use them

  • Mixture management

  • Engine monitoring systems

Basic competency in these areas can often come quickly, even though mastery may take years and a different approach.  We encourage you to invest in your knowledge and abilities, and refocus your attention on powerplant operations as you become your own master of the sky.




Dan Dyer is a flight instructor and Chief Pilot of San Carlos Flight Center.  He has been instructing for 14 years, has over 4,000 flight hours and is the Bay Area's local expert in crosswind landing instruction. He is known for finding simple and innovative ways to explain complex topics and regularly speaks on advanced ground school topics.  Find out more about Dan at www.sancarlosflight.com or contact him at dan@sancarlosflight.com



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