April 13 (Sat) 12pm - How to Ace Your Flight Review

Event Date: 
Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 12:00pm




Is it that time again? Need to do a flight review but don’t want to sweat through the details? Do I really need to remember how the E6B works? Flight Calculations? FAR mumbo jumbo? VFR weather minimums? 
CFI Sid Basu will unravel the details of what it will take to make your next flight review a walk in the park! Want to know what to read in advance? Check - Sid will cover that! Want to know the three ways to meet the legal requirements for completing the flight review? Check - Sid covers that. Want to know what to expect during the flight? Check - Sid covers that too! We all need to do a flight review on a regular basis so why not make this one a snap! 

Sid Basu is a CFI ASEL, Commercial ASEL, AMEL and Instrument rated pilot with over 1500 hours total time and about 1000 hours dual given. He has been flying since 2008 and has been instructing at San Carlos Flight Center since 2017.


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