April 10 (Wed) 7pm - FLAG: Challenges and Rewards of an Instrument Rating

Event Date: 
Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - 7:00pm


The IFR Rating is a logical next step for pilots after becoming a private pilot. Transitioning from flying with your eyes outside on the natural horizon to flying by reference to instruments is a big shift. There are new charts, new procedures, and a new set of regulations that need to be learned. Understanding nuances of weather and ATC communications becomes even more relevant for an IFR pilot. 
Although the IFR Rating is challenging, earning it will definitely make you a safer pilot! It also opens up new options for departing on your cross country trip even when the weather is less than VFR.

Join Alyce Gershenson, Mike Lloyd, and Beth Kirkpatrick as they share their experience of working towards an IFR Rating. They will share the challenges they encountered and the rewards of the rating.



Alyce is a private pilot actively working on her instrument rating. She has been flying for years and every day of flying is as joyful as the first day she flew.
Mike is Alyce’s flying partner and earned his instrument rating in 2017. He and Alyce fly regularly, making trips to Oceano to visit their favorite restaurant, Cracked Crab in Pismo Beach.

Beth is a private pilot who recently punched her instrument ticket in December 2018. She is actively involved in the San Carlos Flight Center community and is the current editor of the Centerline. Her next flying goal will be to own an airplane capable of flying from the Bay Area to Tahoe.


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