April 10 (Mon) 7:00pm The Collective

Event Date: 
Monday, April 10, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Join us on April 10th at 7:00pm as we go in detail of the world's most famous and secretive helicopter crash, Prince 51. The easiest day was yesterday for the Seal Team 6 super soldiers that crashed their secretly developed stealth helicopter that day. It is believed to be a highly modified version of an MH-60 Blackhawk. Let's dissect this mystery together!
  • Dissecting Operation Neptune Spear's Prince 51
  • Recap of Lessons Learned at Heli-Expo 2017
  • Checkride Recap with Ori Zaltzman
  • SCFC Helicopter Parking Issues and Policy Changes
Pizza and beer will be provided for all rotor heads.
San Carlos Flight Center's classroom
655 Skyway Road Suite 215
San Carlos, CA 94070
Any questions, contact info@sancarlosflight.com