Experience flying like no other in an aerobatic aircraft.  One of our aerobatic instructors will help you into your safety parachute and take you up for a flight of pure aerial excitement.  You'll receive in introductory lesson on aerobatics, and have a chance to see the world from inside of a wingover, loop, roll, and a barrel roll. You'll also learn valuable skills for the rest of your flying, like spin and stall recovery, before you return safely to the earth having had your mind blown with adventure.

Call us today at (650) 946-1700 to schedule your aerobatic and spin recovery training flight.


  • Aerobatic-trained, FAA-certified Flight Instructor
  • Aerobatic Super Decathlon aircraft
  • Parachute rental available
  • Learn and demonstrate spin and stall recovery
  • Experience upside-down flight


  • Billed by aircraft and instructor's hourly rate


    • 1 person weighing less than 200 lbs.
    • Weather permitting
    • Recommended for those who are not prone to motion sickness