May 2012

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In Praise of the Skyhawk

We at San Carlos Flight Center consider ourselves Skyhawk evangelists. Its long history of proven reliability, stabile flight characteristics and superb visibility exemplify our core values of safety, community and adventure.

Cessna has built and delivered more than 55,000 C172 Skyhawks since its inception in 1955 - more than any other aircraft - earning its reputation as the safest general aviation aircraft ever built. Its smooth ride and ample useful load make it the perfect ride to your favorite $100 burger destination with a friend or two. And the high wings offer both sun protection and great visibility, so you don't miss out on those amazing views along the way. 


San Carlos Flight Center is proud to offer the most diverse Cessna fleet on the field. From the economical and responsive C152, to the stabile and classic C172S, to the technologically advanced G1000 panel - our members can choose the plane that fits the flight.


Fleet Additions
N1004  We're proud to offer this sweet, beautifully maintained  G1000-equipped Skyhawk. This 2005 model is a joy to fly and priced at only $170/hr.

N6123L is our second C152. This 1980 model is an economical trainer or ride to that $100 burger. Take it for a spin today for only $105/hr and see how it can help you improve your landing skills!


Upcoming Events

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Wednesday, May 16


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Wednesday, May 23

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Saturday, May 26