March 22 (Sat) 12:00 Women's Flyout to Santa Barbara

Event Date: 
Saturday, March 22, 2014 - 12:00pm
SCFC CFI Sue Ballew regularly organizes social flyout events directed toward women pilots. These great events bring men and women pilots together from the Women of West Valley group, the Santa Clara Valley 99s, and the Santa Clara County Airmen’s Association. We love the collaborative spirit and want to encourage SCFC and FOG members to join the fun. Both men and women pilots are welcome, and ridesharing is encouraged.
Get ready to head to Santa Barbara (SBA) for a delightful flight and a delicious lunch at Beachside Bar-Café at the Goleta Beach County Park.
Plan to arrive at 11:30 at the Santa Barbara Airport.  We will park and meet at Atlantic Aviation.  Most of us will be enjoying the 20 minute walk down through the park to the restaurant. Last year Atlantic Aviation offered rides to the café, so for those of you who choose not to do the walk, you may be able to get a ride.  For late-comers you can ask directions to the restaurant from just about anyone.
Please RSVP so I can make reservations as we usually take up two long tables as this is a very popular flight. Let me know if you have seats or need a ride. This is a good flight to grab your CFI for a long cross country.  Hope to see you all there…
To RSVP or inquire, contact Sue Ballew at