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Fly Like A Girl is the women's pilots group of SCFC for inspiring and supporting women pilots. Fly Like a Girl connects current and aspiring women pilots in an informal bi-monthly forum.

You are invited to join us for our bi-monthly meeting that lands on the second Wednesday every other month. Meetings are fun, informal, and enlightening. We start out with socializing and an ice-breaker, and hear each other’s contributions and success stories. Often there are guest speakers or other educational topics.

Check out one of our members representing Fly like a Girl at the AOPA Salinas Fly-In (beginning at 1:28).






Next Meeting

Q&A with the Mechanic - SCFC Mx

Historic Aviatrix - Grace Zeller

Real Time Aviatrix - Betty Uhrig

May 10, 2017


SCFC Classroom

San Carlos Flight Center invites all women pilots, controllers, mechanics, and technicians to join us at our next Fly Like a Girl meeting.  This month’s topic continues our investigation into women in the aviation industry with a real time aviatrix guest speaker, Betty Uhrig!

Betty started as an avionics technician, went to the Coast Guard Academy, worked as an engineer on a ship before she got to go to flight school. She got about 8000 hours in the C130. Ended her Coast Guard career flying the Commandant of the Coast Guard (CG had a G-III at the time). Then in 2000 Betty got hired by Chevron corp flying their top executives around the world. She has been to over 100 countries. Started there as a pilot, worked her way up to Chief Pilot, then later as the General Manager where I oversee over 120 aircraft worldwide (helicopters and fixed wing). betty Uhrig was actually the first female avionics tech in the Coast Guard, the first woman on the ship she was on, the first female pilot everywhere she was stationed, the first in the CG to fly with an all woman crew, then when she got on with Chevron in 2000 she was the first female pilot they had ever hired!

Join us if you are proud to Fly Like A Girl.

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